Masterclass with Morgan Doyle

Painterly Printmaking

Mono printing from metal - "The layering process which changes what we see, the very simple process of print and the complexity of art."

Master class with Morgan Doyle.

Assisted by Colin Gale director of Artichoke

Includes a final day criteria and discussion of the work produced.

It will be very much the way Morgan makes his work - a combination of techniques and layering which can include etching mono printing chine colle plus manual additions. The course is very much aimed at inspiring a free creative approach combining the advantages of painting and printmaking. We both have the view that many printmakers become trapped by techniques inhibiting their natural creative instincts, this course is designed to break past the technical barriers and work spontaneously and freely.

A two day course.


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10.30am - 4.30 pm



Saturday 10th August 10.30 am - 4.00 pm

Learn the traditional techniques of hard ground etching and aquatint in one of the best equipped and creative studios in London. Teaching is tailored to each individual and suitable for beginner and intermediate. You will leave having achieved something special!

small group size for good individual attention.

£90 per day including materials

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Relief Printing Course

1 day course

Date Saturday 8th June

What is it that makes one printing’s oldest processes still pertinent today?

Through a combination of group demos and one-on-one tutorials with award winning artist Jake Garfield, students will have the opportunity to explore the potential of lino and woodcut processes. All participants will be shown single-colour printing, multi-block printing and the reduction-cut (or ‘suicide’) method as they explore their chosen subject.

Inspiration will be drawn from the meticulous line-work of Durer to the raw energy of the German Expressionists as well as contemporary artists such as Tom Hammick, Grayson Perry and Christianne Baumgartner.

Please bring sketches of photographic source material to work from.

Course suitable for beginners or experienced printmakers.

Course cost £90

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Mono printing course

Wednesday 14th August

10.30am - 4.30 pm

Tutor Colin Gale

Learn the basic techniques of mark making and colour mixing. Perfect for painters and artists who like a direct approach to image making. 

The course will concentrate on the various mark making opportunities using oil based ink on True Grain. How to use the merits of transparent inks to build up rich colour field layers.

This course will teach you enough to be confident in accessing the workshop on an on going basis to develop your work.

cost £90

Stone Lithography Course

A 1 day taster course

Wednesday 17th April

10.30am - 4.30 pm

Tutor Colin Gale

Stone offers one of the most beautiful surfaces to draw on. An expressive medium for those who love the craft of making combined with direct drawing.

Learn the fundamentals of stone lithography, progressing from black and white to colour image making.

Course cost £90

Dry Point Workshop

Monday 15th April

Explore various surfaces with this direct printmaking technique.

Learn how to use the tools and hybrid printing techniques such as Chine Colle

Course cost £80

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