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With any enquiries, email us at

Our address is 245a Coldharbour Lane, G5 Ground Floor Unit, Coldharbour Works, London SW9 8RR


We have six presses including two large Rochat Etching Presses, a smaller hunter-penrose Etching Press, Two manual relief presses and large relief press. The studio is suitable for all kinds of intaglio, relief and  plate lithographic processes. It has an aquatint box in a separate room, areas for etching copper, zinc and steel, and a metal cutter.  Materials such as paper, inks, and plates are available to purchase from the studio. 

The studio is based in 'Coldharbour Works' on the ground floor. There are no stairs. 

The studio is situated in cold harbour works 15 minute walk from Brixton Tube station, and a stones throw from Loughborough Junction station.  

If you are interested in visiting, drop us an email. Visitors most welcome. 

Colin Gale 

Studio Technician 
Marigold Plunkett

The History of the Studio

Artichoke Print Workshop was founded in 1992 by Colin Gale and Melvyn Petterson, two friends who met at Camberwell School of Art and Crafts (as it was named back then!). It took them two years to collect the equipment needed, which they stored in a squatted hospital in Stockwell. The original planned site was Artichoke Mews in Camberwell, but it became clear this would be to too small, so they settled in their site in Loughborough Junction, Brixton, where the studio remains to this day. The workshop was up and running in two weeks with the help of engineer Chris Holladay.

Since then, the studio has run editioning projects. Its first major project was with Maxim Kantor in 1999 on his portfolio Metropolis, featuring 70 relief prints. It remains a hub for artists working in print, as keyholders and members. It has a proven track record of supporting artists post studying, with a strong relationship with the technical staff at Camberwell College or Arts. It also has a long standing relationship to the Affordable Art Fair, where it has ran demos and sold the work of its members since the fairs inception in 1999. 

In August 2020 following the sale and regeneration of the site as Coldharbour Works we have relocated in the same building to a more accessible ground floor space with a yard. As vibrant as ever, our community of artists continues to grow and Artichoke continues to function as a vital resourse for artists working in print in London and beyond. 


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