Open access printmaking

Experience the energy and inspiration of one of London's most exciting print studios.

Open Access workshop for Intaglio Relief and Lithography.

A wide range of equipment and machinery in an airy comfortable space, come and experience a unique creative environment.

Learn and practise with other friendly knowledgable artists daily rates, 24 hour key holder, 

Professional editioning services , courses and tuition.

Buy original art works direct from the studio where they are made.

Good location

Good location


Photo Polymer

Photo Polymer

Artichoke Print Workshop   Access & Costs


Open Access

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10 am - 5 pm

Monday and Tuesday access please email or phone to book

Artichoke Print Workshop offers 2 workshop access plans.

Membership means you can buy sessions at a discounted rate.

All of the artists who work here are studio members - our membership is 10.00 per month payable by a standing order.

10 sessions for £19.50 each      =  £195.00

Access times are – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday every week

10 am - 2 pm morning session

1 pm – 5 pm afternoon session

Everyone uses their sessions differently - every week for the majority of artists.

They don’t expire as long as you keep your Membership up to date

One off drop in rate

Day rate is 50.00. 10 am – 5 pm

A ½ day is 23.00 10 am – 2 pm. @ pm – 5 pm.

Keyholder Access is designed to be cost effective if you use the studio

more than 1 day every week.

Keyholder Access is paid on a monthly basis by Standing Order.

Student and recent graduate discount available

The keyholder is a brilliant way to work as a committed printmaker. Its just like having your own fully equipped and managed studio at a fraction of the cost of a private set up.

The professional facilities and equipment, materials, technical support and the available workspace are only the basics of what the Keyholder cost represents.

From our professional point of view as printmakers ourselves – there are so many unquantifiable things about working in the studio that we cannot put into words –

You benefit hugely from the contacts, networking and learning from the other artists

working here.

We currently have two openings for a keyholder available.

Let us know when you are able to visit the studio.

Artichoke Print Workshop  Unit S1 (Second Floor) Shakespeare Business Centre 

245a Coldharbour Lane  London   SW9 8RR  

Kindest regards,

Colin Gale

Artichoke Print Workshop

0207 924 0600