Open access printmaking

Experience the energy and inspiration of one of London's most exciting print studios.

Open Access Printmaking workshop for artists, students and community groups, providing great facilities, services and training.

Artichoke Print Workshop, founded in 1992, continues to be an Institution in the print landscape of London. Situated in the heart of Brixton, the studio hosts a number of highly sought after professional printers, including Paul Catherall, Sophie Layton, Morgan Doyle and Marcelle Hanselaar. It also works alongside artists such as Duncan Wylie Kate Boxer Tom Phillips R.A. on editioning projects. Boasting seven presses including two large Rochat Etching Presses, the studio is suitable for all kinds of intaglio and relief processes.

Artichoke has a track record supporting young artists after graduation.

We work with community groups and local schools both on the premises and through outreach work with our mobile press.

Good location

Good location


Photo Polymer

Photo Polymer

Artichoke Print Workshop   Access & Costs


All of the artists who work here are studio members . The studio is self supporting, with all costs borne by its members. We have a charitable trust status which relates to teaching printmaking.

Please ensure that all communication is done via email to

Our membership is 10.00 per month payable by a standing order.

Sessional User

You can choose to pay to work here as a Sessional User, buying blocks of ten sessions for £195.00

Access times are – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 

10am – 2pm  and 1 pm – 5:00 pm

Please agree these times in advance by email.

 One off  drop in rate

1 Session rate is £23 [4 hours]

Day rate is £ 44.00 

10 am – 5 pm

This day must be agreed in advance, by email in order to work with our members.



The keyholder is a brilliant way to work as a committed printmaker

The professional facilities and equipment, materials, technical support and the available workspace are only the basics of what the Keyholder cost represents.

From our professional point of view as printmakers ourselves – there are so many unquantifiable things about working in the studio that we cannot put into words – you benefit hugely from the creative environment here, the contacts the learning and the networking.

You can choose to have Keyholder Access  per calendar month, [student discount available ] enabling 24h access 7 days a week. This is an annual commitment payable by standing order.

It is designed to be cost effective if you use the studio between 1-2 days a week or more.

It is available for periods of a minimum of three months at a time. A keyholder may want to use the studio facilities more intensively for part of this three month period. This usage is balanced out across a three month period, enabling other Artichoke members fair access to the facilities.

Please note that occasionally members run printmaking courses here. These work in conjunction with the needs of our regular members.

We currently have two openings for a keyholder available.

Let us know when you are able to visit the studio.

Artichoke Print Workshop  Unit S1 (Second Floor) Shakespeare Business Centre 

245a Coldharbour Lane  London   SW9 8RR  

Kindest regards,

Colin Gale

Artichoke Print Workshop

0207 924 0600